“The story of handmade Lokta paper goes back almost a 1000 years”

Our packaging is one of the most important parts of our product experience. Our packaging is made from sustainable and handmade Lokta paper; the tradition of which dates back almost a thousand years. 

The Material:

The paper used for our packaging is made from the Nepalese Daphne bush, which grows in the hilly regions of Nepal. The Daphne bush from which the papers are made has some amazing qualities. The plant fibers are long, making the paper really strong and durable, and are self-adhesive, thus, removing the need for additional chemicals for the fibers to stick to one another. In addition to all of these, the plant regenerates rapidly due to its cut, without which the plant would rot during the monsoon season.

The Process:

Setting up 

This paper making process is one of the most traditional ways in which paper is made. In short, the collected pulp is boiled, softened and mashed into a fine paste, after which it is then poured into a frame and dispersed evenly throughout to ensure a smooth paper. It is this natural paste that gives the paper it’s beautiful texture. It is then dried in the sun, followed by running it through a press to ensure consistency in thickness.

The Makers:

The Nepalese paper industry supports the poor rural women in Nepal because Nepali women have traditionally been the principal forest users and gatherers of these Daphne plants from which the paper is made. Because of this the paper industry currently offers considerable economic sustainability for poor rural Nepalese women.

Putting the boiled and crushed pulp in the frame to Sun-dry

The rolled paper is then handcrafted into beautiful boxes by our artisan partners in Kathmandu. There is a lot of experience and skill involved in creating the fine edges and perfect symmetry in these boxes. Our boxes are one of the finest made in Nepal and it is made by some of the most experienced women artisans in this industry.


Our Artisans in Kathmandu handcrafting our packaging

The Final Product:

It is amazing to see how many people are involved in the creation of just one box. Our packaging is not just beautiful, sustainable and natural but is helping a traditional form of papermaking continue in Nepal. Paying attention to these small details matter, and we want to give you a great product experience as a customer of Ethnik by Artisans. We will continue to share the story of our artisans, our processes and our products through our social media channels and our newsletters. Make sure you are subscribed and follow us on our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.