Handcrafted By Artisans

Engrained in artistic tradition

Ethnik by Artisans is a fusion of business, craftsmanship and philanthropy. It is a brand which celebrates global artisanship; identifying and partnering with artisans from developing countries to showcase beautifully crafted wearable pieces of art that has a lasting positive social impact.  

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Core Values

Seeking authenticity, we strongly emphasise 'handmade'. We highlight the intricate value of our crafts, knowing that no two are ever the same. This may be seen as flaws or imperfections, but we'd rather call it, embracing the human touch. After all, it's what makes our products unique.

Empowering the Artisans

We work with talented artisan partners in  developing countries who are fairly paid and enjoy what they do. Read more about our Artisan partners from Nepal

It's all about the people

Social Impact

The purpose of Ethnik By Artisans is socio-economic empowerment through a mindful business model. We are working with UCEP for the better social well-being of underprivileged children in Nepal. We aim to track and monitor the positive changes in the lives of these children through Ethnik - made possible by you !

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